Ars Vitae Ensemble is a non-profit organisation that aims at fusing visual and performing arts through artistic installations, education and the collection. In search of connections between music, visual art, dance, theatre and multimedia, artistic directors Victor Agius and Mariella Cassar-Cordina set up a collaborative circle, an interdisciplinary ensemble of artists who share a vision to explore through performances – physical, musical, and visual – controversial issues impacting the Maltese and global community.

Through their work, the members of the ensemble share similar occupational goals, which are explored through long periods of dialogue and collaboration. The vision consists of a shared set of inspirations and assumptions about their discipline, including what constitutes good work, what sources are worth working on, and how to manage and develop them artistically. These different disciplines make what is created richer and deeper, and transpires a multi-level collection of artistic dimension.

In their latest project, Ġgantija 2013, Victor and Mariella took a personal form of inquiry through an exploration of the relationship between the site, sound and music. The outcome of such project can then be understood in terms of ‘influence and effect’ – ‘the influence and effect’ that the artists transmit to each other as diverse artists and ‘the influence and effect’ which is conveyed to and from the audience. As such, it is important for such projects not to impose on the place, and to let it speak for itself and to keep things clear and simple by producing a piece that has genuine social uses and artistic integrity. Such notions are to be preconceived and planned so as not to obscure the site and the work of artistic partners. All these components need to complement each other and make the installation complete.

More projects are in the pipeline and it seems that the year 2016 will be a great challenge for the ensemble. Poignant projects will be put up and worked out according to the medium of communication chosen. Although these projects have a different subject and follow a diverse area of exploration, all of them are created within similar artistic parameters. Both artists confirmed that it is important for them to be in the same space with their co-collaborators throughout a great deal of the process. The infinite resolution of real-space reality allows for the exchange of subconscious nuanced information, similar to the degree of dynamic shading through the work itself.